Sat. Feb 4th, 2023

Those who work with CAD, particularly the professionals, know that the age of sketches and drawing boards are very far behind us. Nowadays, a person who uses creative software for work uses a computer to get a more high quality and high spec results. These people usually look for quality laptops to match their creativity and found Dell laptops as their best companion.

Dell found the need to meet the needs and requirements of CAD professionals, and so Dell Precision was born. Dell precision comes with a standard processor which is an Intel Core 2 Duo and has a speed of 2.53GHz and a RAM of 8GB. This makes the laptop work faster compared to a standard laptop and allows CAD professionals to work on their projects faster and view their work easier. Dell Precision’s hard drive is at 200GB to provide more capacity for the CAD professional’s drawings and files. It also has a screen size of 17 inches which is bigger than the screen of an average laptop. 3511 dell laptop

This is designed for the detailed works and to make the monitor or screen appear more defined, Dell Precision also comes with a Quadro FX2700m graphics card. This model has presented its name in a sophisticated and stylish manner and is now an asset to most CAD professionals. This can also be taken out onto the site or in the office as it is sturdy and durable enough that even an odd knock or two will not be able to damage it easily. Dell laptops have proven how high quality and close to perfect its models are and so Dell built the Precision with everything a CAD professional will need in a laptop.

Dell laptops became more and more popular for both home and business users. This is due to the fact that they have a wide variety of choices available to suit each individual’s needs. You can easily find a main computer or something for a student in the Dell range. You may also check out some refurbished Dell laptops if you are a bit tight on the budget. These refurbished laptops can still provide you the great quality you are looking for since everything is still from Dell. Dell has been renowned for their high quality and high specs so you do not have to pay more than what you actually need. Visiting Dell’s website can help you find better options and models that will best suit your need and your budget making it easier for you to choose the best laptop for yourself.



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